We teach the Board of Studies syllabuses in Years 7 to 10 Mathematics and in Senior Mathematics.  In doing this we aim to develop students' mathematical understanding, thinking, competence and confidence.  We hope that students will have the opportunity to develop an appreciation of Mathematics and its applications in their everyday lives and in the world around them.

All students in 7 to 10 study the Board of Studies syllabus course in Mathematics.  In Years 9 and 10, the core syllabus is divided into 3 levels – Stage 5.1, Stage 5.2 and Stage 5.3.  Stage 5.3 prepares students for the study of Mathematics, Mathematics Extension 1 and 2 in senior years.

In Years 11 and 12 there are 4 possible Mathematics courses to choose from – Applied Mathematics (part of the MAP course), General Mathematics, Mathematics and Mathematics Extension 1.  Students who study Mathematics Extension 1 may choose to study Mathematics Extension 2 in Year 12.